About Us

Dear Customer,
Welcome to http://www.artncraftsemporio.com, the web-space where you will find the most authentic stories handcrafted by the most skilled hands spread over various geographies in India. And guess what…all this at the best possible value for you. We signify each & every craft that we sell as a unique story with the artist giving a tangible shape to his or her unseen emotions. Ever wondered why the handicrafts, unlike run of the mill products, develop an emotional connect with us!!!
http://www.artncraftemporio.com is a step towards recognizing the art & the people behind the art in India. In an endeavor to uplift the artisans by helping them in accessing limitless boundaries, we act as a catalyst between them & the world.
You may think that we are one of the many online handicrafts’ stores operating these days but that’s not the truth. We differentiate ourselves in terms of our connect with the artisans. We are working towards the upliftment of not only the artisans settled across various villages across India but also of the homeless roadside artisans seen across many cities. Unlike the artisans settled in villages, the roadside artisans don’t even have a permanent shed for their families. They just have to squander from one place to the other in search of the livelihood.
One of our objectives is to create a Pan India association of the roadside artisans so as to uplift their living standards and we look forward to your support in achieving the same.
Happy buying & thank you for contributing towards the social cause.

Team: http://www.artncraftemporio.com (A division of Swasthi)

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