Tanjore paintings at artncraftemporio.com

Tanjore paintings at artncraftemporio.com

This school of paintings originated in Thanjavur during the reign of the Marathas in the 16th century.Today, this tradition is kept alive by a few hundred dedicated artists mostly based in Tamil Nadu, India.


A typical Thanjavur or Tanjore painting would consist of one main figure, a deity, with a well-rounded body & almond shaped eyes. This figure would be housed in an enclosure created by means of an arch, curtains etc. The painting would be made by the gilded and gem-set technique – a technique where gold leaves & sparkling stones are used to highlight certain aspects of the painting like ornaments, dresses etc

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Handicrafts of India at www.artncraftemporio.com

Handicrafts of India at www.artncraftemporio.com


It is said widely that the tradition and culture of a particular place is reflected by its handicraft items.The artisans tell the tales of ancient times and connect us with our rich Indian heritage.

Wooden handicrafts,Marble handicrafts,Metal crafts,clay handicrafts,Bamboo handicrafts,Textile handicrafts,Stone handicrafts,Terracota handicrafts..the list goes endless.The Indian handicraft industry provides livelihood to more than 6 million artisans who are predominantly from the weaker sections of society.


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